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Andros Island

Andros Island is the eco-tourism capital of The Islands of the Bahamas.  It is the fifth largest island in the Caribbean.  Andros Island is the closest major island to Nassau but by far one of the least developed islands in the Bahamas. It lies about 170 miles southeast of Miami and just 20 miles west of Nassau.

Much of the interior is unexplored and most of the development is on the east coast.  Andros “The Sleeping Giant” is by far the largest island in the Bahamas. Just over 100 miles long and 40 miles wide, the whole of Andros covers an area of 2300 square miles. Flying over the island, you will see an almost mysterious land mass laced by streams, channels and inlets that actually divide the island into North Andros, Middle Andros and South Andros. These streams and inlets are teeming with fish, which makes Andros one of the best bonefishing locations in the Bahamas – some say the world. The inaccessible west side means that these waterways create a vast, protected fishing preserve which accounts for the superb fishing.

South Andros Island

One of the most notable geographic features of Andros, although underwater, is the Andros Barrier reef, the third largest in the world after the barrier reefs in Australia and Belize. This makes Andros one of the best diving destinations in the Bahamas with a variety of shallow dive sites inside the reef, blue holes and excellent drop off diving in the Tongue of the Ocean, a vast underwater canyon more than a mile deep.

The Tongue of the Ocean – the site of much of Jacques Cousteau’s work – provides Andros with deep sea fishing and deep ocean diving within a mile or two of shore. Andros is surrounded by the relatively shallow sand banks of the Bahamas. This combination of barrier reef and sand banks provides the island with significant protection from tropical storms, hurricane activity and high seas. Our experience after 20 years on South Andros has borne this out.

Of special importance is that Andros is one of the only islands in the Bahamas to have an excess of fresh water, some of which is exported to Nassau. 

If you are looking for a quiet place – away from the plush resorts, busy night life and hustle bustle of a city, South Andros, with its unique feel and sense of adventure, is the right place to visit and explore.  Over these last dozen years, South Andros has enjoyed some intentional growth and development. There are more restaurants, amenities, recreational opportunities and accommodations than in the past decade. That has created a renewed enthusiasm for the Bahamians on the island, has brought more families back to the island for seasonal celebrations, and has provided a more attractive and convenient destination for people to visit.  (See other sections of this site).

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Andros Island Bahamas offers some of the best scuba diving, snorkeling, blue holes, and bonefishing in the world. Come to our resort for the experience of a lifetime! Whether you are in Nassau Bahamas, Kemp's Bay, Nicholls Town or Andros Town on North Andros, or Congo Town on South Andros Island, you are nearby!