One of the pleasures of hosting guests is their reaction to this special island and its wonders. The following guest reviews represent a variety of travel experiences. It includes comments from couples, groups and families, guests of different ages, people from coast to coast, visitors with different interests and those spending time during different seasons of the year.

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“Perfect Island Vacation”

This was our first trip to Andros and I must say that it met/exceeded our expectations. My wife and I have traveled a good bit to various locations and done the “resort” thing… we were looking for something different this trip. Seclusion, some activities, some down time, clean accommodations, good food, but most importantly a quiet environment to sit back and relax and not feel like we had to do anything. Andros Beach Club, and Jesse and Chelsea were the perfect choice for us. It is more like staying at somebody’s guest house and being treated like family (and/or friends). The house was clean, open, with a great back porch. The bedrooms were air conditioned and extremely comfortable. Our hosts were gracious, accessible, and provided us with great insight and ideas for exploring the island, whether it was snorkeling the blue holes with Jesse, or being connected with a great hike tour guide (Ed Rahming) to see the blue holes inland, or getting us in touch with the best bonefish guide on the island Nathaniel Adams, each experience was exceptional and fun.

Even though each excursion was a blast and provided us some morning entertainment, the crown jewel of this experience was the beach. Andros Beach Club is located on one of the islands premiere beaches. 7 miles of unspoiled, no crowds ( and I mean NOBODY ELSE) and beautiful white sand and gin clear water…It was the picture perfect Caribbean postcard beach. I can’t say enough good things about our time on the beach. We had an umbrella, two beach chairs, a cooler, and our books, and simply had the best time every afternoon enjoying the beach, swimming, napping, reading, etc. Again, if doing nothing is not your cup of tea, then this might not be the best choice, but if total relaxation suits you, then Andros Beach Club is the place. Not to mention the fact that upon our arrival on the first afternoon, we went swimming just to unwind and enjoy the sunset, we noticed some fish swimming by… I ran back up to the house, grabbed my fly rod, rigged it up, ran back down to the beach… Made one cast and hooked my largest bonefish ever right there! Unbelievable! I knew we had found the right spot!

So a resort it was not, but a perfect destination for fun excursions (both on the water and off), great food( Maggie, the chef, was exceptional and provided some island cooking at its finest), great island atmosphere, gracious hosts, and the seclusion that we were seeking was exactly what we found.
Honestly I could go on and on… whether it was the fresh fish that Jesse speared for us while snorkeling, or the fresh conch served a variety of ways by Maggie, or hangin with DUKE the dog, or meeting several locals on the island and getting invited to dinner at their home, or did I mention how beautiful and special the beach was???? ….. our trip to Andros Beach Club was just what the Dr. ordered, and we will be returning. Thank you Jesse and Chelsea for one of our best vacations ever!

“A Perfect Getaway”

The Andros Beach Club, run by Jesse and Chelsea, is perfect for those looking to avoid the big, loud and ubiquitous resorts of the Caribbean.  The house is situated on a amazing white-sand beach with seemingly no neighbors.  The accommodations are incredibly comfortable and clean.

Participating in an all inclusive package meant that all we had to do was relax and enjoy ourselves.  Mary – an extremely pleasant woman and a great cook of Bahamian cuisine more than satisfies even those with the biggest of appetites (i.e. me).  My personal favorite was cracked conch.  Chelsea will sure spoil you with homemade cookies , banana bread, and many more awesome manifestations of her culinary genius.  With the all inclusive experience all you have to do is ask and you shall receive.

Jesse is a scuba diving instructor, and without planning to ahead of time, my girlfriend and I got our open water certification.  The individual attention of Jesse, the great dive sites, and the ease with which everything was arranged, made this a perfect place to learn to dive. Are we coming back? – Do you really have to ask?


One word sums up our stay – hospitality!  Jesse and Chelsea were great hosts!  Had fantastic success fishing with Roggie – 6 Mahi-Mahi in 90 minutes.  It took us longer to reel in than to hook them.  Great snorkeling at the blue hole and the reef – like being in an aquarium.  We had two “home cooked” meals at Eleanor’s Restaurant – delicious chesecakes, lobster salad and mac n’ cheese.  We were here only one week which was much too short.  Just getting into the Andros Groove and it’s time to  go home.  Chelsea  & Jesse’s dogs, Duke and Riley, are a delight!!  I love these dogs.  Thanks for sharing your home – we hope to return! South Andros Beach House is the best Bahamian find on the internet!  The most hospitable folks, private beach and beautiful water.  Thanks Jesse & Chelsea.

“Most beautiful snorkeling ever!”

Many thanks for all you did to enhance our visit to Andros — it was a wonderful vacation in a beautiful setting.  Refresh body, mind, and spirit in this gorgeous and unique locale. The beach expands for hundreds of feet in front of the home-like Andros Beach Club. The sand is as soft as powder, the water all shades of turquoise.
Jesse and Chelsea looked after all our needs; they are bright, kind, andknowledgeable — on land and sea! They took us to a spot where we had the most beautiful snorkeling ever


My husband Jeremy, our son Justin and I had a fabulous 3 weeks with you.  Your beach is spectacular and the diving and fishing with you (Jesse) and Roggie is exceptional.  We enjoyed catching the HUGE Wahoo and the dozens of Mahi-Mahi and Tuna.  Fun and delicious as was spearing tremendous lobster.  The diving was great.  So much magnificent sealife.  The turtles were fun, many sharks & pretty fish.  Justin was particularly impressed with the inland blue holes and deep dives with Jesse & Chelsea.  The variety of reef is special.  Thank you for being warm and friendly.  You (Jesse), Chelsea and Roggie all made our stay a pleasure and we hope to see you again.

“Where Do I Start?”

Peace, quiet, sun, sand, wind, unbelievable beautiful people, more quiet, the color of the water…I truly enjoyed my month stay here in your home. Thank you for all your help.  It has been a life change.  Thank you.  We will keep in touch!

“We Love the Andros Beach Club”

We have stayed at Andros Beach Club during our last three of the five times that we have visited South Andros Island.  This place offers the most pleasurable vacation of any private home that we have rented since we started “island hopping” many years ago.  The house has always been clean, comfortable, and has what is needed for a great vacation.  It is located on the most beautiful beach on the island, it offers privacy, and it is near a grocery market, restaurants, etc… The owner has enhanced this original fishing lodge with modern conveniences while preserving the charm and spirit of the island.

The owner and the staff have always been available, gracious, and willing to help make the vacation as enjoyable as possible.  We have always gone there with the intention of taking advantage of the numerous activities that are available but always end up just being happy, lazy beach bums.

Our last trip was in September ’07 but our favorite month to be there is December.  Don’t be concerned about booking a trip at this place during the “weather weary” months.  In all of our visits to South Andros, we have only had one day that kept us off of the beach due to bad weather.  This is a great year-round piece of paradise to enjoy.

The owner also offers an advanced multi-week booking discount.  This is a great way to avoid those “increase-in-rate surprises” as with other properties.  We took advantage of this package and love knowing that we can enjoy Andros Beach Club, and all the natural beauty that makes it spectacular, for many weeks to come.  The best compliment that we can truly offer is that Andros Beach Club is exactly as advertised.

“South Andros – 2 Recommendations”

Once I get settled from our trip and caught up workwise, I’ll write a full review. But I did want to quickly acknowledge two people that I thought were great.

#1 Jesse from the Andros Beach Club. I contacted him about dive lessons for my oldest son. Turned out Jesse wasn’t going to be on the island then, and dive lessons from him were a no-go. However, he was very, very helpful to me in several email exchanges. If he was this friendly and helpful to someone who he wasn’t going to have as a customer, I can only imagine how well he would treat someone who would be able to utilize his services. Thanks much, Jesse.

#2 Roosevelt Rahming from Reel Tight Charters Bahamas.  He and his friend Kendrick took us snorkeling. They were polite, friendly, and very patient as I am not good in the water. He held my hand and guided me out to a beautiful underwater garden, wanting me to have the experience. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who travels to South Andros.

“Great Diving”

Want to get away from the hustle? We sure did, and luckily we found Andros island. Two students who were watching their budget but willing to splurge on some new experiences, we have to say that our experience here has been a great one. I have read a lot of these reviews and I hope this will help those looking for a vacation away from all the tourists and actually get something for your money.

Jesse did a great job of helping me learn, and showed Jake some wonderful dive spots. We also got engaged on the beach (which we had all to our selves). We would recommend the island to all and- a most relaxing yet fun location.

“Diving In Paradise”

We went diving with Jesse during our stay on South Andros and had an absolutely fantastic time. The beach is one of the most beautiful that we had seen, the water was crystal clear and the diving was great.

We did our pool classes in New York before going to South Andros and got certified when we were there after completing 5 open water dives. Jesse is a great instructor, put us at ease and ensured that we got the technical stuff out of the way quickly so that we could relax and really enjoy our diving. When we went out diving, it was just the two of us and Jesse which made it an even more personal and enjoyable experience.

Can’t wait to go back!

“The Big Chill Goes to the Bahamas”

We went down as a group of 6 looking for an escape from the hustle-bustle of New York City and had a wonderful time. It takes almost no time at all to reach South Andros from New York and yet it feels like a world away… clear blue water, perfect white sand, bonfires on the beach. We spent time playing Scrabble, cooking together and enjoying rum punches – and not thinking about work! The perfect vacation and at a very reasonable price. We can’t wait to coordinate our schedules in time to do it again next year…

“Best Blue Hole Diving Ever”

Spent a week on South Andros in Kemp’s Bay. The diving was awesome, with some of the best Blue Hole Diving in the world. There was a group of 5 of us that came over by boats from Florida and the arrangements were excellent. We were able to moor our vessels just off the beach and there is a dock nearby for unloading heavy gear. Oscar was very helpful with his truck aiding us in transporting gear and errands to the store. It almost goes without saying that we will be trying to make this an annual trek.

“Back Again!”

My family stayed at Andros Beach Club on South Andros for the fourth time in May 2006. As always, we had a fantastic time and saw so many beautiful things and met so many warm and wonderful people. The Andros Beach Club is the only place we go for vacation anymore as we’ve had our fill of casinos, golf clubs and shopping malls and prefer a more natural and tranquil setting. We have always been beach people and have vacationed oceanside around the world and I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed by Jesse’s beach.

The people of South Andros are warm and friendly and you should get out and meet some of them if you have a chance. After just a few visits we have friends there that we’ll keep up with for the rest of our lives.

If you can’t survive without a trip to the mall, or if golf is your only physical activity, then this isn’t the place for you. If you appreciate hiking (take Jesse’s tour to the old Spanish fort), swimming (try an inland blue hole too), diving (the Garden is a world class spot) or just peace and tranquility, then you’ve found Heaven on Earth and I look forward to meeting you there!

“The Best Kept Secret of the Bahamas”

My husband and I have been to this lovely Andros Beach Club on South Andros three times, and are planning our fourth visit next winter. We love the different seasons, as the water never changes, however other things do. In the winter, the sky is clearer and not as many clouds. The diving is great any time of the year, as well as the snorkeling. We enjoyed our latest visit in March. It was perfect, the water was nice, the sun hot, but not biting, and we could walk for miles on the beach. You can see the crabs take their nocturnal trip to the sea almost any time of the year, and it is wonderful to watch.

We love the beautiful beaches, the warm and friendly people, and would come back again and again. I hope that these pictures show the love we have of South Andros Island, Bahamas.