Snorkeling South Andros Island

South Andros Island is one of the best places in the Caribbean for snorkeling.  You can explore the third largest barrier reef in the world and see a variety of exciting tropical fish, healthy coral formations and abundant marine life.  Take a trip to explore the marine blue holes of South Andros during your stay and see the vibrant array of fish and corals which surround these unique environments.

Great Bahamas Snorkeling Vacations

We bring you all the best that South Andros has to offer. Come here if you want a great Bahamas snorkeling vacation.  We use a 25’ Catamaran with 300 HP to transport you comfortably to the most unique and exciting sites around the waters of South Andros.

Blue Holes of South Andros Island

The tidal freshwater blue holes of South Andros are unique in the world.  Andros Island has the largest concentration of Blue Holes in the world.  These freshwater openings in the ocean floor (and inland) blow a stream of cool fresh water out of the earth twice each day as the tides are flowing out.  These blue holes attract a variety of marine life who enjoy the refreshing underwater “rivers.”