Bahamas All Inclusive Diving

Andros Diving is onsite at the Andros Beach Club Resort. We offer daily and weekly dive trips exploring the best of the Bahamas. The Andros Barrier Reef, the Andros Blue Holes and the Tongue of the Ocean offer spectacular reef diving, wall diving, blue hole diving, wreck diving and more! Check out our Bahamas All Inclusive Dive Trips!

Andros Diving offers:

  • Private & Group scuba diving courses (SSI, NAUI & PADI)
  • World’s 3rd largest barrier reef
  • Ocean and Inland Blue Hole dives
  • Wall Dives on the Tongue of the Ocean (6000′ deep canyon)
  • Wreck Diving
  • Open water referrals, advanced, divemaster cert. and more

Andros Island Diving

Our Andros dive resort is the best place to explore the Andros Barrier Reef – 3rd largest in the world and 2nd largest in the Caribbean. The Andros Reef stretches 100 miles along the eastern shore of Andros Island, offering the best diving in the Bahamas. Come explore coral towers reaching 35 feet high and extensive swim-throughs packed with stunning marine life. Discover sea turtles, rays, sharks, tropical fish and much more – this beautiful underwater world awaits you!

Boat diving is limited to 6 divers to ensure safety, quality and privacy. We use a 25’ Catamaran with 300 HP. The cat offers a smooth and speedy ride to some of the best remote dive sites in the world. Most of our dive site are less than a 10 minute boat ride.

Dive The Bahamas Blue Holes

Tidal freshwater blue holes are unique to the Bahamas and South Andros Island offers the highest concentration of Blue Holes in the world. Inland and offshore blue holes can exceed 400’ of depth. Blue Holes were formed during the last ice age when ocean levels were 300-400’ lower. Rainwater and eventually seawater eroded the limestone foundation of the island and created these spectacular caverns in a variety of shapes and sizes.

A recent National Geographic cover story featured the Bahamas Blue Holes including Stargate Blue Hole of South Andros Island.

The Tongue of the Ocean is a 6,000 ft. deep ocean canyon 1 mile offshore. The wall drops from 130’ where you’ll find some of the healthiest living deep coral in the world. The Andros Wall attracts larger fish and is one of the most unique dives in the Bahamas.

Bahamas Blue Holes

Dive Trips & Dive Certification Rates

$120 – Snorkeling
$200 – 2 Tank Boat Dives
$225 – 2 Tank Reef Rescue Experience
$170 – Inland Blue Hole Dive
$250 – Discover Scuba Lesson & 2 Dives
$700 – Scuba Diver Certification (4 dives included)
$700 – Advanced Scuba Diver Course (6 dives included)

$35/day – BCD & Regulator Rental. $10/day Wetsuit rental.

Rates are per guest. Tanks, weights & snorkel gear included. 10% vat not included.  4 guest minimum required for non-Beach Club guests and surcharges may apply.

Reef Rescue Network – Coral Restoration Dives

We’ve partnered with the Perry Institute for Marine Science (PIMS) and the Reef Rescue Network (RRN) to create and maintain 2 coral nurseries.  The original nursery is located at ABC Reef and the 2nd is in The Donut Hole – the first and only blue hole coral nursery in the world.  We’ve outplanted corals from our nursery to help re-populate nearby reefs with endangered stag horn corals.  Come volunteer to help maintain our nurseries and contribute to our efforts.

Excursions to Exuma Cays

We also offer trips to Pig Beach in Exuma to see the famous swimming pigs, Andros West Side National Park, Green Cay National Preserve, Thunderball Grotto, Staniel Cay, Grassy Cays, Shark Hole and more!

Child Care Services are Available

If you have young ones who don’t dive we can arrange safe, reliable and fun child care while you go diving. Porter (12) and Mason (10) love meeting new kids and have plenty of toys available to share.  We’re also developing our “kids camp” for larger groups to provide safe and fun entertainment onsite and nearby the resort.