All Inclusive Dining

We focus on “Farm to Table” and “Sea to Table” dining.  Nearly all of our fresh seafood is locally harvested, often the same day it’s served.  We spearfish (while free diving) varieties of grouper, hogfish, snapper, mackerel, lobster, crab and more.  We gather fresh conch for salad (ceviche), grilled conch and more.  Enjoy fresh grilled & pan seared fish, sautéed lobster, sushi and more.


Chefs Maggie, Lynette & Marvinique prepare locally inspired cuisine featuring Bahamian, Caribbean & International dishes.  Our menu changes throughout the year depending on seasonal availability.  We support local farmers and fisherman who provide organic pork,chicken, eggs, fruits, vegetables & more.  Enjoy fresh homemade breads, pastas, desserts, salads and much more.

If you are a vegetarian, gluten free or have other dietary preferences, we’ll provide additional choices to suit your tastes.  We often treat our guests to an evening out at a local restaurant as well.  Enjoy a spearfishing or deep sea fishing adventure and bring home your own dinner!  See what some of our guests have said:


  • “Maggie cooked amazing fresh, delicious meals every day, including our own spearfishing catch!”
  • “Maggie was an incredible cook and a sweet woman. We ate very well. Lots of fresh fish, veggies, and yummy desserts.”
  • “At the end of every adventure, we had the pleasure of diving into one of Maggie’s delicious meals made with much care and attention, especially since one of our party had a dietary restriction.”
  • “Chef Maggie attended to every gourmet meal and we tried to swim, bicycle, kayak, walk and fish to work off the calories.”
  • “Maggie’s dinners are amazing….her cracked conch is awesome…don’t expect to lose weight…the food is delicious and plentiful.”
  • “Great stay and great people! The food was always fresh and wonderfully made.”
  • “We are a picky family to please when it comes to meals, but the food was outstanding. We ate a lot of fresh seafood and even lobster but the meals also included fruit, eggs, pizza, pancakes, and food we were comfortable with…Maggie was outstanding and made sure even the ‘no onion’, ‘no vegetable’, ‘no green stuff whatsoever’ child was well fed and happy.”
  • “Maggie is a wonderful interesting person, and a great cook. Making multiple meals to satisfy the fish eating parents and non-seafood eating children each evening.”
  • “Maggie spoiled us all with her delicious cooking”
  • “Maggie the chef, what a jewel, she prepared one perfect meal after another.”
  • “The chef, Maggie, is fabulous (and fun to get to know), and our meals were very memorable. We enjoyed unbelievable super fresh and local fish, lobster, and conch, like nowhere else in the world, and Maggie is expert at traditional Bahamian specialties.”