Birding Tours

Birding tours on South Andros Island give you the opportunity to see the Great Lizard Cuckoo, Bahama mockingbird, Cave Swallow, Blackwhiskered and Thickbilled Vireos, White Crown Pigeon and the Greater Antillean Bullfinch among others.

South Andros Island is a critical habitat for the largest known flock of the White Crown Pigeon which has become a threatened species due to loss of habitat. The White Crown Pigeon is a colonial nesting bird, like its cousin, the extinct Passenger Pigeon. This pigeon is known to nest in the treetops of the blackened coppice and feeds on the local fruits.

The Bahamas has a lot to offer and Andros Island, in particular, shows its colors through the natural beauty of local birds.  There are several local guides who can take you into the Andros interior to look for these unique birds.  Please call today for more information or to schedule your tour.